Holocaust in Balkans part2

The second  conference on the Holocaust of the Jews in the Balkans, which took place in Croatia’s Osijek during the period May 25-28, 2018 , was completed with great success.
Twenty-four participants from the countries of  Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria and Fyrom were known for their presence, while Greece was represented by the #Deltayouth organization.
As part of the discussion and exchange of views held in the Osijek Jews Community, an extensive analysis was made of the expulsion suffered by the Jews during the Second World War by both the Germans and their supporters in Croatia.
A film projection followed, which provoked the testimonies of Croatian Jewish survivors, describing the living conditions of detainees in camp camps.
Finally, there was a visit to the Jewish monuments of the region, but also to the ruined of the Jewish synagogue, at whose entrance the Jewish symbol remains as a tribute to the victims of the Holocaust.

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