DELTA YOUTH is a NGO from Thessaloniki, Greece which was registered 2017 as a NGO. The general goal of Delta Youth is the motivation and participation of young people at local, national, European and international level through actions and interventions. This will happen with the participation in European programs to promote Lifelong Learning in areas such as education, training, youth, volunteering and sport.
Delta Youth NGO was created by people with a lot of experiences in the field of education and Lifelong Learning projects for adults both for formal and informal education. Our team is fully and highly trained. We know at least two foreign languages, we have organization and communication skills. We can seamlessly coordinate any activity. Our team has many years of working experience in mobility projects such Leonardo Davinci and now in Erasmus+, providing preparatory visits, work visits, language courses, study visits, cultural visits, tours, meetings, round tables, workshops, business and professional contacts and work placements in many private and public organizations, for participants from many different countries.
We are young, and professionals, and we fulfil requirements to the highest expectations and promptly. We are having the proper skills and experience acquired in the area of placements and funded by the European Union grants. For us, Mobility means learning from the experience of others, being flexible, discovering new viewpoints and broadening horizons. For the team of DELTA YOUTH is very important to be in contact with the participants. We care about the participants and our slogan always is: Participant’s satisfaction.


Our aim is to network Youth on the basis of thematic initiatives and to monitor the implementation of International and European Youth Policies in Greece. At the same time, it is possible for all young people (and not only) to find via a modern and easy-to-use website information about jobs and internships in Greece and the EU, educational news, actions of Greek, European and international non-governmental Organizations on the Environment,
Human Rights, Peace, Democracy and much more, and to participate in a series of National Actions and European Exchange Programs in cooperation with local organizations and organizations abroad.
Its immediate priority is the close cooperation with social and cultural institutions pursuing similar goals, both in Greece and abroad. The aim of this contact with foreign bodies is to "get acquainted" with new institutions in the context of social, educational, sports, cultural, environmental and volunteer issues. Although our actions are primarily aimed at young people, our goal is to activate more and more adults who feel young.

The role of the NGO is to act as good practice promoter for:

-Combating rising unemployment levels (especially among young people).
-The promotion of volunteering.
-Education to acquire skills in people with low levels of knowledge to avoid unemployment and social marginalization.
-The promotion of technologies that change the way society operates, and it is necessary to ensure their optimal use.
-Increasing competitiveness through talent and innovation.
-Strengthening practices to combat social exclusion, promoting the common European values of social inclusion, enhancing intercultural understanding and sense of belonging to a community, and preventing violent extremist trends. Actions that are an important means of promoting the integration of disadvantaged backgrounds, including newly arrived migrants.
-Strengthening and developing the ability of young people to participate actively in society through non-formal learning activities aimed at strengthening the skills and competences of young people and their active participation in the community.
-Offer new prospects for society and the local economy.
-Promoting education and training systems and youth policies by providing people with the skills required by the labor market and the economy, while allowing them to play an active role in society and achieve personal integration.
-Lifelong learning and exploiting the potential of Europe's social security supplies by integrating support for formal, non-formal and informal learning across the range of education, training and youth work.
-Promotion of activities aimed at developing the European dimension in sport by promoting cooperation between sports stakeholders by promoting the creation and development of European networks by providing opportunities for cooperation between stakeholders as well as the exchange and dissemination of knowledge and know-how in various areas associated with sport and physical activity.